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"K-style" Tuner Mounting Screw Marking Jig

"K-style" Tuner Mounting Screw Marking Jig

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This jig takes the guesswork out of installing "Kluson-style" (aka vintage style) 6-in-line tuners with a 15/16" spacing. Just insert two dowel pins into any two tuner holes and use a 1/8" brad point drill bit in reverse or a transfer punch to mark the placement of your tuner mounting screw holes using the smaller holes on the jig. Remove the jig, and drill the holes with the appropriate sized drill bit for your mounting screws. 


The tuner holes follow a line 0.5" from the edge of the jig, so you can also use it to mark the tuner hole placement, but as the jig is made of cast acrylic, it is recommended to use the jig for marking the holes as described above, but to do the actual drilling without it in place. This will help maintain the accuracy of your marking jig, and greatly extend its working life. 

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