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Guitar Setup and Maintenance Workshop - (50% Deposit)

Guitar Setup and Maintenance Workshop - (50% Deposit)

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Learn to set up your own guitar with East City Guitar Co. Our Guitar Setup and Maintenance Workshop is the jumping off point for all of our other courses and you will learn the basics of guitar setup theory and practice. You know the old saying, "Give a person a fish, they'll eat for a day; teach a person to fish, and they'll eat for life." That's our goal here. We'd like to give you the tools, literally and figuratively, to take control of your future and ensure your prized instruments play and sound their best for years to come, without regular trips to the repair shop. 

Topics covered include:

-Initial measurements and assessment of the instrument

-Neck evaluation and truss rod adjustment theory and technique

-String height adjustment at the bridge

-String height adjustment at the nut

-Basic electronics diagnostics (checking grounds, and testing pickups)

-Checking for loose or high frets


All Setup and Maintenance Workshops include a Precision Setup Gauge Set from Music Nomad Care and a pack of your choice of a pack of Ernie Ball strings. 

 *This product is only a 50% deposit and is non-refundable. The full cost is $259 USD, and the remaining balance is due the day of your scheduled workshop. We will contact you after you pay your deposit in order to finalize a date for your workshop. If you have any questions prior to signing up, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information, or to book a consultation phone call.*

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