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Tapered Plugs for Guitar Repair - Pack of 100

Tapered Plugs for Guitar Repair - Pack of 100

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Whether you're covering someone else's tracks or your own, these tapered plugs are handy to have in any guitar repair shop. They are particularly useful for plugging tuner holes, and pickguard screw holes with the matching wood species.

Sold in packs of 100 and available in three different tapers. 

Small size is 1.9 mm - 2.8 mm (0.075" x 0.110")

Medium size is 2.5 mm - 3.5 mm (0.098" x 0.138")

Large size is 3.3 mm - 5 mm (0.130" x 0.197")

XL size is 4.5 mm - 6.7 mm (0.177" x 0.263")


Spruce plugs are cut from quartersawn Sitka Spruce brace stock. All other plugs are cut from rift-to-quartersawn material. 

Small and Medium plugs are approximately 5 mm tall

Large and XL plugs are approximately 1/4" tall 

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